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Jazz Workshops

By Cass
It’s Sunday 7:30 pm and the Group C members begin arriving at the clubrooms for another evening of music, fun, knowledge sharing and networking. Participants come in all shapes and sizes, from all ages and backgrounds with varying levels of musical knowledge and skill. One of the significant resources these nights contain are indeed the members themselves, with their collective wealth of life and musical experience.

The sharing of resources ie. music charts , CD?s, ideas and encouragement are just some of the obvious benefits of being a member of a workshop, and the continued existence and success of future workshops relies in part on these resources as well as the ability of all participants to be generous with each other showing their support and making welcome any new comers.

As an individual it helps if you have your instrument, what ever that may be, from day one, ensuring your place in new pieces being practiced. Bring any music charts your keen to play and some copies to share around the group. You will add bonus points to your personal standing with the horn players if you have already transposed the pieces for them.

If your theory is not 100% Band in the Box is a boon for the theoretically challenged. There is a computer and Band in the Box installed at the club for everybody?s use.

Each workshop has their own convenor; this may be a shared role. The job of the convenor is to guide the evening along to a satisfactory result for all. This is an unpaid position occupied by working musicians, all with performance experience. While advice is certainly given and information shared this is not a tutoring role as the cost of employing paid tutors at this time is prohibitive. Curiosity can make for a lively and productive evening so If your unsure of anything put that out to the group, its quite possible that there is someone else wondering exactly what you are or someone who has just the answer for you.

Difference exist, we are after all human, but the commonality that brings us together each week is the desire to express those wonderful free flowing and spontaneous sounds while adding our own flavours, and on a particularly special night when all the stars are lined up a little magic can creep in and we all get to be a part of that magic. It?s those moments that can make the evening fly by with jamming continuing on past the allotted hour and a half.

As with all such gatherings the procedures will evolve and over time reflect more and more of what the members require, already other ideas on smoother running are being discussed within the club and the results of these ideas will be experienced by present and future participants.

The life of a musician can at times be a solitary one. These groups are just one of the ways the Nelson Jazz Club can answer that issue as well as continuing to offer Nelson future Good times and Great sounds.

As for all our wonderful supporters whose presence at all our gigs is very much appreciated, we?ll see you at the Vic Tues and Weds nights (new dates to be advised)!
Cheers, Cass