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Bourbon Street Beat at Bar Berlin Wednesday October 2nd

Bourbon Street Beat is back and with new members!  Come and join us at Bar Berlin Wed, October 2nd at 7:30 pm for an evening of fantastic jazz with some of Nelson’s finest musicians.


Several  Musicians recently new to Nelson are keen to fill the empty chairs.

Ian Clark, Sax and Clarinet,

  • Dai Minamizawa, piano,
  • Raffaele Bandoli, trumpet,
  • Dino Novara bass,

and from the old Band,

  • Ian Nicholas trombone

and Manager

  • Rupert Winter drums,
  • Jane Winter vocals.

Chris Harris , trumpet is helping out on Club night.

The band produced two CD’s. The first one was used to audition Bourbon Street Beat  for the New Orleans Jazz Festival and later in the Eureka California Jazz festival which was accepted in both places, however New Orleans was abandoned due to lack of sufficient finance.

Nelson City Council called Rupert to a meeting to see if we could go to Eureka and finance ourselves. Nelson City Council were told we could.

In 2004 Nelson City Council representatives, along with Our Mayor at the time and the Bourbon Street beat arrived in Eureka. We combined to make an effective gesture of Sister City oneness.

There have been many changes in personnel over the years, however it has always been amazing to see the support our Nelson musicians have given the band.

A Bio for this Band would need a book to include the sheer fun of it. Festivals, Concerts, Charities supported ,visits to West Coast, Queenstown, Blenheim, Wineries, Country parties and un-believable locations the list just goes on…

AND last but certainly not least Jane Winter has given us the use of Soundstage for our rehearsals.


Notes compiled by Rupert Winter