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By Mr Music
Looking for song lyrics?
Ever found yourself humming a tune that you really like, but just can’t work out the lyrics to go with it? Irritating isn’t it? Well, gnash your teeth no longer. There is a website with a huge list of lyrics to help you track down the words that you’re after. Now, if I could only sing in tune…

Facts about songs
If there’s one website that’s likely to get you muttering, “well, well, well – I never knew that” then this is probably it. It’s a simple idea: find a song you know, and then be amazed about how little you knew about it. And, if you’re a real music buff you can even add to a huge list of fascinating facts.

Band names
If every good tune needs great lyrics, then surely any band that’s worth
its salt needs a name that sets them apart. This site sets out to understand where those names came from and, in some cases, just what on earth they were thinking of at the time…

Glorious Gershwin
S’marvellous! Without a doubt, George and Ira Gershwin were two of the most brilliant and best-loved songwriters of the last century. Little wonder then that their songs and music are still so popular now. Go on, put a little summertime in your heart and visit their official site.

Looking for Band-in-a-box Songs?
Check these out!

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