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The Nelson Jazz Festival 2002

By Rupert Winter
SaxAt the beginning of each year we set off with an empty bucket, yet spirited and enthusiastic to achieve another year of live music culminating with the Nelson Jazz Festival. The festival continues to expand in Nelson as well as performances in Richmond and Takaka. All this is putting more demand on funding and more enthusiasm in achieving it all. Every year we run right to the wire cramming in every possible group for the six day event. For this reason the programme is not released till the last possible minute. However I can tell you that more than 50 musicians have pledged to be here and we still have four months to go. Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch groups will be present as well as our own Nelson based musicians.

The Nelson Jazz Festival is unique in that it provides 99% free entertainment to the thousands of holiday makers and locals here at a peak time of the year.

All arts festivals give us an insight into the importance of united world culture, bringing people together to celebrate and enjoy, spreading the word of peace and understanding. They provide opportunities for artists to meet, communicate, work together, and leave spirited into new ventures.

The Nelson Jazz Club is very proud to present the 12th Annual Festival from 27th December 2002 to 1st January 2003 inclusive. As the coordinator I am extremely grateful for all the willing assistance given by our members and our fellow musicians throughout New Zealand. Assistance from the community at large is given with remarkable enthusiasm. Full credits will be given throughout the festival to this great society we have the liberty to live in.

Festival Bands
* The Nelson Jazz Club Big Band – 26 Piece Band – Conductor Chris Lukies
* Mr Music’s Allstars- With Special Guests Bob Heinz (Guitar) and Ken Smith (Horns/Woodwind)
* Breezin’ – Guitar Magic with Ken Richards
* Gecko – Nelson’s newest Jazz/Blues Combo with Vocalist “Siobhan”
* Bourbon Street Beat – Popular 6 Piece with Jane Winter (Vocals.)
* Lindsay Meach Quartet and Vocalist Judy Grau
* Andrew London Group from Wellington
* Milez-A-Jazz. Popular Group featuring Miles Spence on Woodwind
* Steve Ingram Duo – Zoot For President

The passion is alive and well in Nelson!