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The Boat House was jumping and pumping for the final concert of the Woollaston Nelson Jazzfest 2007. This event was sold out several days ago and promised to be a fitting conclusion to the festival. Just like the previous concerts, the Grand Finale concert held the audience spellbound, says the organiser Rowena Richards-Orange.

Jan Preston opened the show and set the scene jamming firstly with Neil Billington on Harmonica then the other members of Hot Club Sandwich. A succession of fine performances by HCS, Swing 42 and Nick Granville combo had the crowd yelling for more. Fiona Pears and her band again held them speechless until the final act, Sideshow Bob. Then the tempo and the volume pumped up. These guys are really a musical act rather than a band and soon had the punters pushing chairs out of the way so they could dance.

And dance they did, right up until the compulsory 1am curfew. The audience wanted more and that was the most satisfying aspect, said Rowena. ?After more than 60 performances, concerts and street gigs spread over 5 days, the Nelson public still wanted more. Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end, and what a truly memorable end it was for all who attended and for the performers as well.

They would all love to come back next year because they enjoyed the Nelson hospitality and Jazzfest so much, but we can only allow a few to return so that we keep each Jazzfest fresh and exciting.

We have now established a truly international music festival that is attracting interest from all parts of the world. We have received applications from bands and performers based in Italy, USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Once we have listened to their CD?s and checked their credentials, we will assemble another stunning line-up of musical entertainment.

We wish to thank all of the Nelson public and visitors who supported our Jazzfest so enthusiastically. To the many people who missed out on tickets for the Boathouse and Silkwood concerts, we apologise. Our decision to hold several of our ticket concerts in smaller intimate venues produced stunning performances and drew appreciative comments from the performers.

With more than 90 performers and 60 events in 5 days, all that?s left to be said is watch out for the Woollaston Nelson Jazzfest 2008 because it?s going to be bigger, brighter, better and more entertaining then ever and it happens right here in Nelson.