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Vic Rose Tuesday Night

Tomorrow night (Tuesday 11th) at the Vic Rose features a line-up of the Committee Guys who have taken time out from promoting Nelson Jazz to get together for a ?Live? gig.? Popular vote well may mean this will be a first and last outing for this bunch of people, but hey, lets give them a fair hearing eh??

Seriously guys, we would love to see you all along at The Vic tomorrow night. We have managed to con the lovely and talented Zoe Jackson into doing a few with us (she is so??.. lovely) So here is a night not to be missed.

Don?t forget the AGM this Thursday ?yes but of course you knew that from reading your newsletter.

So?. For the very first time together in public the Nelson Jazz Club proudly presents ?The Committee Band ? alive and kicking. Tomorrow night at The Vic.

Ken Richards:???????? Guitar / Vocals
Paul Johnson:??????? Keys / Vocals
Tony Bowater:??????? Drums.
Tim Parker:??????????????? Horns
Nev Claughton:??????? Guitar / Vocals
Special Guest:??????? Zoe Jackson.

So we will see you all there then??? Right that?s settled !!