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The Steve Flemming Band hits the floor again –

this Tuesday folks, for another round of jolly good music and lashings of fine beverages and quality food.


Steve is playing out of his skin right now, though sadly by himself across the ditch in Wellywood due to work commitments. His spot will be filled by the irrepressible Andrew Leachman on shiny saxophone thingies and hopefully with a little coercion the odd vocal as well.Tony has skived of overseas in search of fame and fortune and keeping his seat warm is the talented and stunningly good looking ( he insisted this was mentioned) Chris Pierson lurking as ever behind the drum kit. The old guard of Gabor, Nev and Martin will thunder on regardless so if its spontaneity you’re looking for then this will be a night of nights. The warmer weather is just around the corner and the local support for The Vic and Nelsons home of jazz is alive and kicking.


Kick-off is 7:30ish finishing around 10-00 ish. So how about those of you who haven’t ventured out for a while?? We would love to see some familiar faces supporting this wonderful venue. Come down and meet the new owners, and old chums (and chum-esses). Righto so that’s settled then.!!


Spring is almost sprung and the grass has almost rizz!! and now is still the time to enjoy what Nelson has to offer.?What better than Vic Macs Brewbar and The Nelson Jazz Club. Tuesdays.