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The Chordwainers Jazz/world music leather band in Nelson April 18. I am a member of the Chordwainers a leather instrument ensemble based in Tasmania, Australia. We will be in Nelson April 18th, playing at Yaza! Cafe, having played in Christchurch 16-17 April 2010 for the New Zealand Leather Artisans National Conference. We are unique, the instruments are exquisite and we create wonderful original music! We are a quartet, with 2 of us playing saxophone-style instruments, a tuba/didjeridu, and percussion, plus kora.

  • The Chordwainers Leather Band
  • Unique world music concert from Tasmania, Australia.
  • Instruments by world-renowned leather sculptor, Garry Greenwood (1946-2005), with African kora and South American percussion.
  • Jazz, Middle-eastern, Latin American, West African and Celtic influences.
  • Sunday, 18 April, 4:00 p.m.
  • YAZA! Caf at The Boathouse (326 Wakefield Quay, PO Box 1174, 7040, Nelson)
  • $12