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Nelson Jazz Club AGM Report – Monday 26 March 2012

Minutes of the 2012 Nelson Jazz Club Annual General Meeting held at the club practice room, 6:00pm Monday 26 March, 2012

Welcome: Mike McElhinney welcomed those present: Tony Bowater, Annabel Boyes, Iain Clark, Warren Fenemore, Deb Fish, Steve Hainstock, George Jury, Katrina Kallil, Barry Korcheski, Michael McElhinney, Michael Murphy, Dave North, Lila Osnabrugge, Michael Rhodes, Amanda Ryan, Liam Ryan, Rupert Winter.

Apologies: Received from Neville Claughton and Andrew Leachman.

Minutes of the 2011 AGM: Mike Murphy presented the minutes of the AGM held on 23 March, 2011.

Moved that the 2011 AGM minutes be approved: Mike McElhinney/Rupert Winter. Carried.

Matters arising:

1. Communication between committee and membership: Regular reports from each committee meeting to the members have improved the situation, keeping members up to date with developments.

2. Vic venue and lack of club support for gigs: Regular meeting have been held throughout 2011 with the management of The Vic. This is on-going, with another scheduled for the last week of last week of March.

3. Change to Rule 11(2) re emailing annual reports: Annual reports can now be emailed to members.

President’s report: Mike McElhinney spoke to his annual report, a copy of which was emailed to the full 2011 and current membership. Moved that the President’ report be accepted: Mike Murphy/Deb Fish. Carried.

Treasurer’s report: Amanda Ryan and Lila Osnabrugge of WHK presented the financial report for the year, the main pages of which were emailed to members prior to the AGM. The club is in good financial health.

Moved that the financial report be accepted: Amanda Ryan/Annabel Boyes. Carried.

Lila advised that the club no longer file income tax returns because there is little point and it will reduce accounting costs. The club does not earn income and has been carrying forward an increasing on-paper loss for many years which there is no income to off-set. Also, because of its registration with the Charities Commission, the club is exempt from with-holding tax. Westpac has taken a copy of the club’s registration and will cease deducting with-holding tax.

Moved that the club no longer file income tax returns: Mike Murphy/Deb Fish. Carried.

Festival Director’s report: Liam Ryan spoke his festival report, copies of which have been emailed to members. He also outlined is plans for taking the Festival forward for 2013.

Moved that Liam Ryan be the Festival Director for the 2013 Nelson Jazz & Blues Festival: Mike Murphy/Tony Bowater. Carried.

Election of committee: The 2013 committee includes: Iain Clark, Deb Fish, George Jury, Andrew Leachman, Mike McElhinney, Mike Murphy, Dave North, Mike Rhodes, Amanda Ryan. Liam Ryan is an ex-officio committee member in his role as Festival Director.

General business: No general business was raised.

Meeting closure: The meeting closed at 6:52pm.