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Jazz on Thursdays at The Honest Lawyer

A great venue and a great line up is providing yet another option for people to enjoy live Jazz in Nelson. ?Long time trumpet player Chris Baillie has teamed up with some local legends to play on Thursday evenings at the Honest Lawyer in Monaco.

The band is called “Out on Bail” (get the pun!) but could as easily be called “The Three Chris’s (and others)”. ?With Chris Baillie on trumpet, Chris Cowles playing bass and, yes, Chris Pierson providing the rhythm, Andrew (should that be Chris?) Leachman will be blowing the sax and the irrepressible Ga’bor Tolnay will be rounding out the band on keyboards.

The band will be playing every Thursdays from 6:30 to 9:30.

A relaxed setting, great food and drink and a convivial atmosphere combined with good music suggests Thursday evenings at the Honest Lawyer should not to be missed.