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Gershwin Got a Little Rhythm


It has been a longheld dream of mine to explore these Gershwin songs in a fresh and interesting way. I have enjoyed playing music by Gershwin for many years on the clarinet and saxophone, and this time I was keen to sing the songs. After discussing the idea with some musician friends and our son Dan – I left it fairly open as to how the songs might evolve.With the musical talent in this group I knew it was going to be a dream to sing with them.

We rehearsed and recorded the entire CD in 6 days with ideas contributed from every member of the band. The time-frame meant that we were listening hard to each other and working very intensely on the arrangements and solos. I have included some of the verses to the songs where they seem to enhance the chorus in some way.

Bob Bickerton provided us with a relaxed and professional recording studio which enabled us to work in a creative way. At his suggestion we gave a live concert on Day 6 to a small audience, and we have chosen 4 of these live tracks to be on this CD. These are Fascinatin’ Rhythm, Summertime, Slap That Bass and Nice Work If You Can Get It.

Gershwin Band

There is nothing like Gershwin’s music to conjure up the romance and excitement of the 1920’s and 1930s in America. It brings together so many musical styles of his day in a colourful mix of melody, harmony and especially rhythm. We all agreed that this was nice work if we could get it.

Dave, Craig, Dan, Margaret, Chris and Bob – thanks for everything – and love is here to stay.

All songs are by George and Ira Gershwin
Summertime Heyward/Gershwin

Dave Jones Lucy Rainey
Margaret Jackson Dan Rainey
Thanks to Dean Straker for the Summertime concept

Produced by Lucy Rainey
Engineered and Mastered by Bob Bickerton

All the songs were featured in the following movies except Slap That Bass

Lady be Good – Fascinatin’ Rhythm, The Man I Love
Shall We Dance – They Can’t Take That Away From Me
Damsel in Distress – Nice Work
Goldwyn Follies – Our Love Is Here Tos Stay
Girl Crazy – I Got Rhythm
Porgy and Bess – Summertime, Bess, You is My Woman Now
Oh,Kay – Someone To Watch Over Me
George White’s Scandal of 1924 – Somebody Loves Me