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First Nelson Jazz Club Jazz Jam at Bar Berlin

The first Nelson Jazz Club Jazz Jam night at Bar Berlin was good fun with a number of soloists turning up to add to the solid foundation provided by the rhythm section put together by Barry Korcheski, Trevor Hunter and Tony Bowater.

Jada front liners, Dave Jack (clarinet) and Dave Powdrell (trumpet and vocals) stepped up first and were joined by new committee member, Iain Clark (tenor sax) for a few numbers.  Then, after a break, the ever-enthusiastic Andrew Leachman stepped up on baritone and Rupert Winter took over the drum kit.  It was great to have Rupert back at a club gig and judging by the smile on his face, he had a good time, too. Meanwhile, Chris Harris, who has recently arrived in town, drove home and got his trumpet and treated us to some magnificent solos complete with clever and amusing use of the mute.

I know it was a cold night and many of you clearly chose to stay in by the fire, but those of you who did missed another good one in the lovely ambience of Bar Berlin.

Later in the evening, Steve Hainstock arrived and treated the musicians and audience by sitting in with his double bass adding to the great night with a terrific solo in the Yardbird Suite.  All in all a great night that Nelson will be sorry they missed! Make sure you get to next week eh!

Thanks to all the musicians who made it a worthwhile and enjoyable event.

Review comments and photos submitted by Mike Murphy, Deb Knapp and Tony Bowater