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Welcome to June folks.

A lot is happening at the moment and I will start with the main news. Many of you may already be aware but for those that aren?t, The Vic Brew Bar, home of the club for many years now has been sold. The new owners are the Williams family originally from Dudley in the west midlands of the UK and for six and a half years now from Auckland and Queenstown. The Williams are upholding the commitment the Vic has made to the festival and to the club also. They have a hospitality history and have worked in bars with bands so are well versed in working with musicians.

The website is now up to date and will remain so. There have been a few changes on it so please explore it and send me your input and ideas. I can be found at Also now to be found on the website is a copy of the intermediate newsletter such as this one which will be published every month that there isn?t a hardcopy one.

Just to reiterate a few points. Benefits for financial members include the following:

1.) a hard copy newsletter 3 monthly
2.) 10% discount at the following outlets, Beggs Musicworks, Music Planet, The Vic Brew Bar.
3.) A weekly $25 dollar bartab voucher to be drawn every Tuesday night at the Vic. The member must be there with current membership card to claim it.
4.) if membership is signed up and paid at the Vic, member will receive free either of the following; a tap beer, a coffee or a house wine.
5.) free rehearsal space at the jazz clubroom.
6.) elegibility to gig on the Vic roster and at other selected venues.
7.) first option on coveted tickets for shows at the festival.

Thats all for now folks, see you next month.

regards Ed.