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Nelson Jazz Club Committee Meeting Report – July 18, 2011

Hi Nelson Jazz Club member,

Report from the Nelson Jazz Club committee meeting held 18 July, 2011

The main points from the minutes include:

1. The success of the High School Bands Competition held at the Honest Lawyer on 10 July has encouraged the committee to propose holding it again next year. The committee learned a lot from holding the event and is confident that funding can be raised specifically for it in future to help make it an even bigger success.

2. A report was received from Liam Ryan, the 2012 Festival Director, and members of the Festival sub-committee, who met on 12 July. Excellent progress was reported with funds now accumulating, eleven local venues signed up, six ticketed concerts planned and the logistical arrangements regarding stages and sound systems being made. Several club bands are to be included with a few others from the top-of-the-south region bringing the regional total to eight. Liam is also giving considerable thought to planning an autumn festival event.

3. The committee received some unhappy feedback about the cancellation of the improvisation gig at the Vic which had been planned for 12 July. This occurred because of the winter scheduled negotiated with the Vic management and the committee regrets the inconvenience caused to those club musicians who had undertaken to provide the support band and to those who had hoped to perform with them. It is intended that the other similar event, planned for 11 October, will go ahead.

Best regards,

Mike Murphy


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