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Nelson Jazz Club Committee Meeting Report – April 16, 2012

Report from the Nelson Jazz Club committee meeting of 16 April

The committee addressed quite a long agenda at the meeting, including items concerning the following matters:

1.     The committee is enthusiastic about the new relationship with Bar Berlin, which launches this Wednesday evening, 18th April. Discussion centred round encouraging club members to support this excellent opportunity. We hope that you will help make it a success with regular attendance at the gigs and the jazz jam that is planned for every third Wednesday from mid-May.

2.     Stuart Hebberd of Prices Pharmacy has made a generous donation towards the prizes that we will be awarding at the Youth Jazz Band Competition to be held at The Honest Lawyer on 24th June. The committee has written to Stuart to express its appreciation of his kind gesture and please consider adding to that appreciation if you happen to be at Prices Pharmacy.

3.     The continuing relationship with The Vic Mac’s Brew Bar was discussed and this seems like an appropriate point to remind club members of the support The Vic has provided the club bands for many years and through several owners. Although gig numbers have been reduced for the winter period, you will receive the usual reminders of when they are and which band is playing. Again, we hope that you will help those gigs to be a success for all concerned by attending as often as you can.

4.     Amanda Ryan presented a comprehensive report on the club’s financial situation and is clearly on top of the tasks involved in being Treasurer with a proposal that we subscribe to a software service that will significantly reduce the time, effort and cost of preparing accounts and conducting a range of transactions. With that and the recent switch to Internet banking, we appear to be leaping into the 21stcentury!

On behalf of the committee, I wish you an enjoyable month until our next report and I look forward to seeing you at the Tuesday and Wednesday evening gigs.


Mike Murphy


Nelson Jazz Club