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Latin Jazz Workshop, 28 April 2012

Hi everybody,

The Latin jazz workshop that Kevin Clark presented today was excellent. I spoke to most participants and all said that they had advanced their knowledge and skills, and had a good time doing so. I certainly enjoyed it as a privileged spectator.

Doug Stenhouse organised the use of the music facility in G Block at NMIT, which is equipped with a drum kit, back line equipment and a PA. It also has similarly-equipped practice rooms attached although all 14 participants stayed in the main room and played the assigned pieces together.

It was great to see Kevin build each session, as you would expect, from the rhythm section up until everybody was involved with the horns and piano taking solo turns. The programme included Brazilian and Cuban forms with the latter proving particularly challenging but everybody appeared to have immense fun getting it together.

I hope that we can present similar workshops in future, particularly with the availability of the superb performance facility at NMIT.

Best regards,

Mike Murphy
546 7297

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Jazz Workshops

By Cass
It’s Sunday 7:30 pm and the Group C members begin arriving at the clubrooms for another evening of music, fun, knowledge sharing and networking. Participants come in all shapes and sizes, from all ages and backgrounds with varying levels of musical knowledge and skill. One of the significant resources these nights contain are indeed the members themselves, with their collective wealth of life and musical experience.

The sharing of resources ie. music charts , CD?s, ideas and encouragement are just some of the obvious benefits of being a member of a workshop, and the continued existence and success of future workshops relies in part on these resources as well as the ability of all participants to be generous with each other showing their support and Read More…