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Mint with Guest Miriam Alice at Bar Berlin Wednesday 13 June 2012

MINT will be at Bar Berlin this week with Miriam Alice putting in a guest spot on vocals.  If you missed them recently at the Boathouse, it is likely that Miriam will be returning to Wellington soon so this is one to not miss.

The show starts at 7:30 and remember, meals are also available while you enjoy the great jazz.

Katrina & the Heartbeats at Bar Berlin Wednesday 23 May 2012

Hello Jazz lovers,

Katrina & the Heartbeats will be at Bar Berlin this week from 7:30pm.

Hope to see you there.

Bar Berlin gig 25 April

Hi everybody,

The Bar Berlin gig last night was excellent with Urgent and Marlo telling me that it was exactly what they wanted to compliment the warm jazz club/cocktail bar atmosphere they have created – a nice mix of standards led by Cass on vocals and Andrew on saxes with solid support from Martin (guitar), Trevor (bass) and Chris Pierson (drums).

Deb and I enjoyed great pizzas, a couple of nice drinks, the music and the good company of several of the club regulars. Our hosts have offered us a wonderful opportunity to truly be a jazz club and I want to encourage you as strongly as I can to come along on Wednesday evenings.

Freewheelin’ are on next week and I have heard that there might just be a special sit-in guest available to join the front line. More on that when I send out a reminder early next week.

Best regards,

Mike Murphy
546 7297

Katrina Kallil at Bar Berlin on Saturday April 28th 2012

Celebrate a special evening with Katrina Kallil as she returns to stage with her new show ”Cabaret Noir”, a unique performance inspired by the wild and creative times of the ’20s and ’30s across Germany and Paris. The songs from this nostalgic era were intimate, heart-rending, sensual and socially liberating.
Katrina’s sultry voice and sharp satirical tongue, accompanied with the avant-garde musical arrangements of pianist Barry Korcheski blends a sassy mixture of cabaret, jazz, blues and comedy. So this is your chance to march in to Bar Berlin and join the crowd for a great evening of music, life and cabaret.
”Cabaret Noir”! One night only…  Bar Berlin – 8 Church Street, Nelson – – 021 898 125
Bar Berlin - Caberet Noir PDF reduced resolution

MINT at Bar Berlin on Wednesday 18 April

Hi everybody,

I am sure that those of you who were there will know why I litter what I write below with superlatives. The first gig of our new relationship with Bar Berlin was truly fantastic. I could hardly believe how good it was and I remarked to Trevor Hunter, who, like me, had beamed with delight throughout the evening that if either of us had smiled any more our faces would have fallen off.

MINT began the evening with some deliciously-arranged standards and compositions as the audience gradually grew in numbers. The entire first set was delivered at the high standard these guys displayed at their last gig and the bar’s owners, Urgent and Marlo, were clearly delighted with it.

Then, for the second set, Craig Walters, who had been at the National Jazz Festival in Tauranga and has been briefly visiting Nelson, joined the band and helped to lead a truly exceptional performance that they all sustained for the rest of the evening. At one point I remarked to Smiley that I had not realised that we needed to be set up to record the gig. I wish we could have.

As expected, the venue is ideal and the first Jazz Club gig confirmed that it is an appealing place to go and play, and listen to, and enjoy jazz. It has a cosy atmosphere, the staff are friendly, the drinks and meals are reasonably priced and there is a good selection of both. It was good to see the number of club members who came and who were rewarded with a wonderful evening of jazz, but I have to add that there was room for plenty more.

On behalf of the club, I want to thank Urgent and Marlo for inviting us into their lovely venue and for supporting our musicians. I can hardly wait for next Wednesday.

Best regards,

Mike Murphy

Mint – playing at Bar Berlin, Wednesday 18 April

MINT Bar Berlin 18-04-12

This Wednesday is the first of the Nelson Jazz Club’s gigs at Bar Berlin with MINT launching the new relationship from 7:30pm. The bar is cosy and the band is great, so why not come along for an enjoyable evening.

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