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Jazz DVD night at The Jazz Club

Just a note for music lovers.

The?Jazz DVD night at The Jazz Club (Radio NZ Church Street) has been brought forward to 29 July (Sunday)

Ralph Baines (un-disputed Jazz Club #1 Supporter) has a whole bunch of really good stuff for us all to have a jolly good ?Look and Listen?. The master plan is to have a couple of wines and/or beers and to have the opportunity to take in some real good stuff.? Ralph has a library to be envied so a guarantee of quality is ensured.

To give us an idea of numbers, please flick a quick email back to me so we know how many to expect and to sort out the seating etc. (Neville Claughton So here it is….

Sunday 29 July
Venue is Jazz Club Radio NZ cnr Selwyn Place and Church Street
Time:? 730 pm til???..
Bring a friend if you want
The heaters will be on
Bring a beer or wine with you (Just in case-you never know)
We have a screen and sound system so it will sound jolly good.

Any queries give a call:
Nev?547 2550
Johnny Morris??? 542 3545
Ralph Baines???? 545 1176

?See you there. May this be the first of many titbits the club can bring to you.

Victorian Rose Trafalgar Street – Tuesday 3 July

?The Steve Flemming Band?

A?reminder that SFB are playing The Vic Rose this Tuesday night. We are all looking forward to another outing and hope to see you and yours along for the evening. It?s a great way of dodging those winter nights and you?ll still be home in time to catch up on the Americas Cup yachting

The band will have the odd surprise? up their sleeves (as always) so you will be guaranteed the treats and good music,? to cheer up, and to forget about the impending winter blues just around the corner. No colds and flu?s on the team right now so everyone should firing on all cylinders.

The line up is Steve Flemming / Tenor and Alto Sax, Gabor Tolnay / Keys, Martin Hucklesby / Guitar, Nev Claughton / Bass-Vocals. Special guest Paul Morris from Free-wheelin? is in the drummers seat. Lovely bloke our Paul and always a pleasure to work with. It will be great to see as many of you who can make it, and we all value the support of you, your friends and any of our new Jazz Club members.

You can keep an eye on the roster updates via your newsletter (paid up members only) and via this club website

See ?Yorl.? ?At The Vic this Tuesday Night.?


Sunday July 1st Kick-off 6.30 pm
(Note the earlier start time)

The success of these monthly events are due in no small part to the generosity of The Prince Albert Management, the efforts of Ken Richards in sussing the event line-ups, Nev Claughton for creating the emails so you get to know about the gigs just a few days out, and of course the musicians and supporters who make a real effort for us all to meet socially, have a bit of fun and a chin-wag that we can never usually do. To the regular cameo appearances of ?The Band of Daves?, Dave Jack / Dave Powdrell and Co, thanks guys for your support.

Remember if you want to be part of these Social Sundays, go see Ken at Good Vibrations 120 Bridge Street or phone him on 545 8381, and book your space. It won?t cost you a cent, and you won?t receive a single cent neither. This is what these Sundays are all about. Good fun, Great Music and Jolly Times with your friends and fellow musicians. Can?t do better than that eh?

All you have to do is tell us you want to perform, make sure you have a couple of Concert C Charts (if you don?t have charts then talk to Ken / Nev Claughton/ or any club members that you know and we will help you through this if we can. AND makes sure you are there by 615 at the latest ready to kick off.

OK so here we go again.? Social Sundays 1st Sunday of every month at The Prince Albert Nile Street. They do a fantastic Roast? Meal Deal on Sunday nights, so give the cook and the kids a break and get yourselves down to The PA .? Paul who runs the PA has asked that anyone wanting the Roast Meal Deal, contacts them in advance as apparently the new menu has become so popular they are having to turn people away.

See yorl there eh??

STOP PRESS: Virtually standing room only last Social Sunday so no mucking around guys, get there or be square.

NO BAND Tonight


There is no Jazz Club entertainment Tuesday 5th June?at The Victorian Rose.

The roster will continue from next week. See your newsletter or this website for details of future sessions.

See you all next week with business as usual.

The Prince Albert Jazz nights

Hey don’t forget everyone, this coming Sunday 5th is Social Jazz Night at The Prince Albert in Nile Street.

Its been six months or so since we kicked these events off and it goes without saying we have all had a ball with no pretentions or pressure. Some of the highlights have been the young ‘uns under the guidance and enthusiasm of Tim Parker, some cameo performances from Dave Jack and Dave Powdrell, the hard work put in by Ken Richards and the team, and everyone else who has contributed. So let’s keep it happening eh??

We need some new faces to contribute talent and ideas to these Social Sundays, not just the same people fronting up month after month. If the Jazz Club is giving something to you, then how about you give something back, ‘cos it isn’t about money or point scoring, it’s about sharing and caring with fellow musicians and supporters.

The Prince Albert offer an amazing meal deal on Sundays – $10 will buy you a delicious main and dessert, so why not avoid cooking on Sunday and come on down for a meal before the session starts.

If you wish to play this Sunday, bring your instrument and your music and be there by 7:15 so we can include you on the programme for the night. We have a sound system and a backline of gear available compliments of Ken and Nev, so don’t be shy. Whether you play the Nose-Flute,Swanel, (Nev will explain what a Swanel really is on Sunday) Guitar, Bass, or anything made out of metal/wood or even Kevlar, then we need you to particpate

Info:? Ken Richards 545 8381 (bus) Nev Claughton 547 2550

Prince Albert social night

Don’t forget folks, this Tuesday at The Vic

Those Three Musketeers are back again. Ken Richards, Martin Hucklesby and Nev Claughton strut their stuff this week at The Victorian Rose. This lively trio have armed themselves with acoustic guitars and even Nev has an acoustic bass guitar slung over the old shoulder just to be different. Some different tunes too just to wet the appetite, as well as those lovely old standards and a bit of Texas Swing and a few other thingies.

Jazz Caf is all about having some fun too and for anyone wanting to jump up and have a lash at something. If that sounds like you, your guitar or horn, or to give the old vocal chords a stretch, then we would love to see you, really. After all isn’t that is what we do???.

Give Nev a ring (547 2550) if you want to be party to these fun Jazz Caf Tuesdays, or just turn up and we will do out best to give you a whirl. The original Cameo Performance of JC back in August saw the lovely Cass and Rena joining Murray Chenery in giving it a whirl. A jolly good time had by all yes indeedy!!

Hope to see you there. (Even Hawaiian Nose-Flautists Welcome)
Ciao: Ken/Martin/Nev
See Yorl. At The Vic this Tuesday Night.?

Victorian Rose Roster

?Nelson Jazz Club?
Stop Press – Changes to advertised roster:

Tuesday August 8th features The Steve Flemming Band, not Breezin? as advertised. It will be great to see friends, supporters and fellow performers along for no doubt another night of great music. Steve doing his usual dazzling sax work assisted by Gabor, Martin, Nev and Chris.

Tuesday 15th features a new trio to the schedule. JAZZ CAF? is Martin Hucklesby, Ken Richards and Read More…

Winter Jazz

Don’t forget jazz/jam night this Sunday 6th August at the Prince Albert Hotel, Nile Street, 7.30 sharp.
Following on from the hugely successful previous Social Sundays you can be guaranteed of some wonderful entertainment and hospitality. REMEMBER!! The 1st Sunday of each month is Read More…

Winter Jazz

Yes folks, it’s on again this Sunday night at The Prince Albert in Nile Street. Kick-off is 730 pm, and don’t forget one and all, the $10.00 meal deal (including dessert) is the best value dinner you will ever have. Forget about cooking, put on your fancy duds and mosey on down to the PA for a night of jazz, good food and great company. We will have the Read More…

Winter Jazz

Our first social jazz/jam night kicks off this Sunday 9th April at the Prince Albert Hotel, Nile Street, 7.30 sharp.
This is the first in a series of monthly events where members and Read More…

Tasman District Council Free Outdoor Concerts – 4pm to 8pm

Tuesday 3rd January: Washborne Gardens, Richmond
The Big Band, GrooveOn, Franchise, FunkTron, Edwina Thorne & The Moonlighters

Wednesday 4th January: Deck’s Reserve, Motueka
Edwina Thorne & The Moonlighters

Thursday 5th January: The Village Green, Takaka
Edwina Thorne & The Moonlighters

Tasman Free Concerts