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Nelson Jazz Club Committee Meeting Report – July 18, 2011

Hi Nelson Jazz Club member,

Report from the Nelson Jazz Club committee meeting held 18 July, 2011

The main points from the minutes include:

1. The success of the High School Bands Competition held at the Honest Lawyer on 10 July has encouraged the committee to propose holding it again next year. The committee learned a lot from holding the event and is confident that funding can be raised specifically for it in future to help make it an even bigger success.

2. A report was received from Liam Ryan, the 2012 Festival Director, and members of the Festival sub-committee, who met on 12 July. Excellent progress was reported with funds now accumulating, eleven local venues signed up, six ticketed concerts planned and the logistical arrangements regarding stages and sound systems being made. Several club bands are to be included with a few others from the top-of-the-south region bringing the regional total to eight. Liam is also giving considerable thought to planning an autumn festival event.

3. The committee received some unhappy feedback about the cancellation of the improvisation gig at the Vic which had been planned for 12 July. This occurred because of the winter scheduled negotiated with the Vic management and the committee regrets the inconvenience caused to those club musicians who had undertaken to provide the support band and to those who had hoped to perform with them. It is intended that the other similar event, planned for 11 October, will go ahead.

Best regards,

Mike Murphy


Nelson Jazz Club

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Nelson Jazz Club Committee Meeting Report – June 20, 2011

Report from the Jazz Club committee meeting of 20 June, 2011 The main points discussed at the last committee meeting included: Rule change Following the SGM last month which ratified the proposed rule change, the Registrar of Incorporated Societies has been notified. We can now send out the notice of AGM, the Annual Report and Statements of Account by email prior to the AGM as a way of fulfilling the notification rule. Website Adrienne Ford has shifted the club website to her server and will start updating it as she finds time. Please be patient with this – we are very fortunate to have somebody as competent as Adrienne attending to it for us. The first priority is the gig guide but in the meantime bands need to take responsibility for sending out promotional emails (via Dave North on ) about their gigs. High Schools band competition Dave North has done a great job organising the High Schools band competition which will be held at the Honest Lawyer on Sunday 10th July from 3:00pm. Do come along and support what we hope will become an annual event promoted by the club.. More details about the competition will be sent to members in the next week. Changes at the Vic You will have seen the note about changes to the club gig roster at the Vic. We noted that bands are expressing concerns about the lack of clarity regarding this to date and we hope to get the details finalised with the Vic management as soon as possible. Best regards, Mike Murphy Secretary Nelson Jazz Club 546-7297

Welcome to June folks.

A lot is happening at the moment and I will start with the main news. Many of you may already be aware but for those that aren?t, The Vic Brew Bar, home of the club for many years now has been sold. The new owners are the Williams family originally from Dudley in the west midlands of the UK and for six and a half years now from Auckland and Queenstown. The Williams are upholding the commitment the Vic has made to the festival and to the club also. They have a hospitality history and have worked in bars with bands so are well versed in working with musicians. Read More…

NJC Newsletter = April 2010

Hello to everyone, to all members new and old, paid or unpaid, performers or listeners. Whatever your stake in the NJC we all share one thing in common. That is a love of good music and of Jazz in particular.

This brief note is just to re-establish contact with you all and let you know what’s happening with the club. At the recent AGM we saw a record turnout and a few things happened.

Foremost a new committee was elected. Many views were aired and some concerns as well as thanks and acknowledgments. After a busy year during which we have often struggled to maintain contact, we have put into place some systems to establish more regular updates and information to all members. Read More…

NJC Newsletter – March 2009

Hello Members
Well here we are in 2009 with another hugely successful Jazzfest behind us, and what a fantastic festival it was. With its truly international flavour in quality artists such as Mimi Fox and Mike Nock, and national acts that anchored the many events and concerts on offer. Our weekly jazz at Vic Macs Brewbar goes from strength to strength with some record attendances and great jazz presented by our members. Read More…

NJC Newsletter – December 2008

Hi Everyone
Well here we are again with Xmas and 2009 Jazzfest almost upon us. 2008 has been the best year yet with memberships at an all-time high. This success is due in no small part to the profile your club is continually creating, the hard work of your committee, the work Rowena has to put in for the Jazzfest, and of course the Vic Macs Brewbar and the clubs increasing involvement. Read More…

NJC Newsletter – October 2008

Hi everyone
Another month on and I hope you have been able enjoy some of the fantastic Jazz that we have been hosting weekly at the new Vic Macs Brewbar and it has certainly been great meeting a lot of our members out and about again. With inclusion of new and emerging jazz musicians along with the club bands on Tuesday evenings there have been some great evenings to enjoy, and you can read more about that in Nevilles report further on in this Ezine Club News. Read More…

NJC Newsletter – September 2008

Hello Everyone

It?s all worth it! Yes that?s right! There has never been as much happening as there is at the moment. Since the last newsletter we have had the opening of the new look The Vic Mac?s Brewbar (and personally I love it!) It is fresh, comfortable and with excellent service, I am very safe in recommending to all of you to go and have a look and a sample for yourself. Read More…

Club Newsletter – July 2008

Hi Everyone
Welcome to the very first Nelson Jazz Club electronic newsletter. This has taken a bit longer to develop than we would have liked, so thank you all for your patience. This will be the first of a regular newsletter update that will keep you informed of what the club and club members are doing.

Read More…

President’s Report – March 2005

Have Your Say!
We can all sit back enjoying the results of other’s efforts and all the time having an opinion of how it should be done. Now’s your chance.

Fast approaching is our annual meeting, where those who are interested can see first hand what is involved in keeping the smooth operation of the club and all its affairs in order. This year’s committe as with others has worked very hard, achieved some highs and battled in some low points of the club. We have tried things and learnt from Read More…