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George Jury Receives NJC Life Membership

At the Nelson Jazz Club AGM on March 25th 2013, George Jury was presented with a life membership and thanked for his long and substantial contribution to the NJC, the musical community in Nelson, and jazz in NZ.  The following is a copy of the speech presented by Andrew Leachman.

George Jury – Alto saxophonist and arranger

George retired from active playing in 2010, despite encouragement from his many musical friends and admirers. George has been active in the jazz scene in Nelson for over twenty years, he worked with big bands and touring bands out of Auckland prior to his arrival in Nelson during 1988.

Within a year of his arrival in Nelson, George took over the lead alto chair in the Sun City Big Band under the leadership of American trombone player Al Leonard. The saxophone section in 1989 included Bryan James on baritone, Steven Fleming and Andrew Leachman on tenor saxes, with  Andrew Jary on second alto. Other band members included Chris Lukies, Ian Nicholas on trombones, with Linclon Cowie and Graham Woods on trumpets.

During that same year George supported the local Operatic Society with their staging of “West Side Story” under the musical direction of Chris Lukies. George played clarinet and alto saxophone in the pit band. In April 1990 George teamed up with Andrew Leachman in the group “Hardlines” for which George wrote arrangements. In 1991 Al Leonard put together a traditional jazz band which he named “Bourbon Street Beat”. George featured on clarinet and alto saxophone, plus he wrote arrangements for the group.

In 1992 Al Leonard sadly left Nelson, moving back to Australia. Rupert Winter co-ordinated the remaining members of the Al Leonard Band/Bourbon Street Beat into the “Jazz Club Players”, who regularly performed at the Victorian Rose pub on a Wednesday evening. During 1993 George Jury with Nelson Jazz Club members, David Bowater, Mike Delceg and Andrew Leachman formed the “Nile Street Saxophone Quartet”.

In April 1994 “Jazz Workx” performed at Kacey’s Bar where the Nelson Museum now stands. “Jazz Workx” featured George Jury, Gabor Tolnay, Chris Self and Chris Cowles. In October 1994 Nelson Jazz Club members Brian Smyth, Rupert Winter, Andrew Leachman and George Jury travelled south to Oamaru for the annual residential South Island Jazz festival. This group played under the name “The Tasman Bay Slime”.

Over the last 20 years George has performed with every jazz musician in the town. He was active as a judge in the inaugural NJC Youth Jazz Competition in 2011 and again the following year. As a Jazz Club Committee member George has for several years,  organised the band roster for both the Victorian Rose weekly club sessions and the monthly Bar Berlin sessions. George has made a tremendous contribution to the musical community of Nelson. He has generously given his support to many fund raising projects and he is always happy to help struggling young saxophone players.

Nelson Jazz Club AGM Report – Monday 25 March 2013

Minutes of the 2013 Nelson Jazz Club Annual General Meeting held at The Honest Lawyer hotel, 6:00pm, 25 March, 2013.

Iain Clark, Warren Fenemor, Deb Fish, Steve Hainstock, George Jury, Andrew Leachman, Karina Miller, Mike Murphy, Dave North, Lila Osnabrugge, Michael Rhodes, Amanda Ryan, Liam Ryan, Simon Williams and Rupert Winter.

Annabel Boyes, Mike Delceg, Trevor Hunter and John Morris.

Minutes of the 2012 AGM:
The minutes had been circulated with the AGM notice. Rupert Winter moved that they be accepted. Seconded by Michael Rhodes. Carried.

Matters arising:
There were no matters arising from the 2012 minutes.

President’s report:
In the absence of Mike McElhinney, Mike Murphy presented a brief summary of the club’s events during the year. In particular, these include the Jazz & Blues Festival, the Youth Jazz Competition and the Jazz Jam weekend that Steve and Gale Hainstock organised. Mike expressed his disappointment that, through lack of club support, the weekly gig at The Vic Mac’s Brew Bar and then Bar Berlin had been lost during the year. He also expressed his concern that the monthly gig at Bar Berlin will also be lost.

Treasurer’s report:
Amanda Ryan and Lila Osnabrugge of WHK, the club’s accountants, presented the annual accounts, which have been circulated to the membership. Deb Fish moved that the annual accounts be accepted. Seconded by Mike Murphy. Carried.

Amanda Ryan presented a detailed minute of grants received for the Festival and the Youth Jazz Competition to satisfy the requirements of some grant agencies that grants be listed in the club’s minutes or financial report.

Mike Murphy noted that the Schedule of Fixed Assets in the club’s annual accounts is out of date and has made notes about what assets have been disposed of during the clean-out of the club’s previous rehearsal rooms since the use of the rooms was terminated.

Festival Director’s report:
Liam and Amanda Ryan presented a detailed report of the 2013 Nelson Jazz & Blues Festival, which was a great success musically and financially. A summary version of the report has been sent to sponsors and venues. Mike Murphy moved that the Festival Director’s report be accepted. Seconded by Michael Rhodes. Carried.

Mike Murphy moved that Liam and Amanda Ryan investigate the viability of organising a 2014 Festival and report back to the committee by the end of April. Seconded by Iain Clark. Carried.

General business:

  1. Life membership: George Jury. Andrew Leachman spoke of George’s history of contributions to the Nelson Jazz Club and announced that the committee had voted to grant him life membership. George was presented with a letter from the committee, thanking him for his long and substantial contribution and granting life membership. There was enthusiastic acclaim for George from those present.
  2. The committee thanked Steve and Gale Hainstock for organising the Jazz Jam weekend that was held at The Honest Lawyer during the weekend of 22 – 24 March, 2013.
  3. Steve Hainstock expressed his disappointment that The Vic Mac’s Brew Bar threw out the club’s banner that used to be hung in the bar on club gig nights. Steve asked for the banner so that it could be used at the Jazz Jam weekend venue. Mike Murphy investigated and was told it had been thrown out. Mike expressed his disappointment to Phil Williams of the bar that the club had not been contacted to remove it at the time.
  4. Steve Hainstock expressed concern that The Honest Lawyer is not a large enough venue for the Youth Jazz Competition. Because of fire regulations, the venue was at capacity last year and he was refused entry. Andrew Leachman and Dave North assured Steve that the matter has been addressed.
  5. Steve announced that he would be able to store the club’s drum kit should the use of the store room in the radio station basement cease.
  6. Liam Ryan followed up on a proposal he made at the last committee meeting, that a link be created between the Jazz & Blues Festival and the Youth Jazz Competition through the creation of a ‘Festival Cup’ to be awarded to the most outstanding young musician in the competition. Iain Clark has investigated having a cup made and will liaise with Liam regarding the matter.
  7. Liam Ryan told the meeting that Doug Stenhouse reported that the club’s drum kit that was used during the Jazz Jam weekend is in need of some repairs.

Election of 2013 committee:
Those standing for the 2013 committee include: Iain Clark, Deb Fish, Karina Miller, Dave North, Michael Rhodes, Amanda Ryan, Liam Ryan and Simon Williams.

Meeting closure:

Nelson Jazz Club Committee Meeting Report – 3 Sept, 2012

There were quite a few agenda items at the Nelson Jazz Club committee’s meeting of 3 September:

  1. Since the club has lost the use of the Radio Network basement for rehearsals we have been looking for a new place to store the club’s equipment. Sue Morriss of Curves Gymnasium in the Wakatu Estate has offered storage space for the piano, drum kit, PA system and the stored files. The remainder of the equipment has little value, being out-of-date computer gear, an old electric organ, an equally old and dilapidated electric piano, an old PA and several chairs. A friendly computer geek has offered to take the old computer gear, which saves us having to pay to dispose of it. If you are interested in seeing the other gear with a view to making a small donation to the club for it, please contact me.
  2. Mick Dowrick has stepped down as Musical Director of the Nelson Jazz Club Big Band and Simon Williams has taken over the role. The committee appreciates the work that Mick put in with the band and welcomes Simon to carry on the good work. Band members report that the band is in good heart.
  3. The committee is pursuing the possibility of having some of the Youth Jazz Competition combo bands perform at Bar Berlin on a club night there. More on that as plans firm up.
  4. We have been approached by the Dixie Street Jazz Band from Australia, which will be in Nelson in December 2013, enquiring about the possibility of a performance here. Dave North has undertaken to liaise with them regarding the possibility of putting something together with the Big Band.
  5. You might have seen the recent press release about the 2013 Nelson Jazz & Blues Festival. Liam Ryan is working hard behind the scenes to firm up the programme. All will be revealed at the Festival launch in early November, which you will be informed about nearer to the time.
  6. Deb Fish has offered to take over the role of club Treasurer from Amanda Ryan, who has done an excellent job in getting the accounts onto a software system that should make the preparation of monthly and annual statements somewhat more straight-forward in future. On behalf of the club, the committee wishes to thank Amanda for the work she has done and Deb for the work she will be soon doing on the club’s accounts.
  7. We have had approaches from two venues to arrange for club bands to perform on a regular basis – Hotel Motueka and Deville. Bands that have not already done so have been asked to provide a biography and contact details for the website to make this process easier and for the bands to promote themselves generally.
  8. Speaking of the website, you might have noticed how up to date it has been looking lately. The committee would like to thank Michael Rhodes for the excellent job he has been doing to reorganise and maintain it.

Best regards,

Mike Murphy
Nelson Jazz Club

Nelson Jazz Club Committee Meeting Report – 30 July, 2012

The committee had a fairly full agenda, which included:

Sponsorship sub-committee

In response to an approach by a business owner enquiring about sponsoring some aspect of the club’s activities and subsequent discussion about it, Iain Clark presented a proposal that a sub-committee be established to prepare a portfolio of club activities for which sponsorship would be welcome and identify prospective sponsors. The Youth Jazz Band Competition drew upon funding from sponsors, the Big Band has an on-going need for a musical director and, of course, the Jazz & Blues Festival is substantially funded through sponsorship. There may also be other events that could be made possible through sponsorship, such as educational workshops and visits from out-of-town musicians.  The sub-committee will work with the Festival Director and those who organise the other existing club activities that seek sponsorship.

If club members know of possible sponsors, please let me know and I will pass the information along.

Band practice rooms

As most of you know, the club has lost the use of the radio station basement for band practices. Committee members have pursued a few possibilities for a new practice space but so far nothing definite has turned up. One further possibility is still to be checked out but it will involve at least a nominal hourly fee. If any of you know of a suitable, available venue, please let me know.

We also need to find accessible storage for the club’s equipment which includes a good upright piano, a drum kit and a PA system. There are also two old electric keyboards, one piano with arranger and one organ, which are of little or no value. If you know of anywhere that is available and suitable, please let me know.

Big Band musical director

Mick Dowrick, who has been successfully working in the role of musical director of the Big Band for some time now, has indicated that he will be stepping down. Simon Williams has expressed interest in taking over the role and the committee voted to support Simon and the Big Band in this regard.

2013 Jazz & Blues Festival

Although things have been publicly quiet on this front, plenty has been going on behind the scenes to put the foundations for another successful festival in place. Expect an announcement or two in the very near future.

Jazz Jam Nights rhythm section

The Wednesday club band evenings at Bar Berlin are going very well and numbers at the monthly Jazz Jam Night have also been increasing, which is great. As I am sure you are aware, this is an unpaid, Jazz Club gig for which Bar Berlin kindly provides us with a perfect venue. It would be a pity, however, if rhythm section duties are always left to the few stalwarts who nearly always put their hands up, so please let George Jury know if you are available to contribute.

Best regards and remember, Freewheelin’ are at Bar Berlin this evening so I might see you there.

Mike Murphy
Nelson Jazz Club

Report from the Nelson Jazz Club Committee Meeting of 25 June

Hi everybody,

The Jazz Club committee met this evening. Unsurprisingly, following the highly successful Youth Jazz Competition held the day before at The Honest Lawyer, much of the meeting was taken up with Andrew Leachman’s detailed report and discussions regarding how the club might better invite the many talented young musicians in the district to join and participate in club activities, particularly the now-regular jam evening. Andrew will send his report, which contains lots of encouraging, positive feedback to the participants, to the school music teachers to pass on to them.

Many thanks to Dave North and Andrew Leachman for organising the event and for the sponsorship they obtained for the event prizes. Needless to say, a vote of gratitude is also due to those sponsors, who include the Nelson Arts Council, Collingwood Street Fresh Choice, Beggs Music Works and Prices Pharmacy.

Iain Clark announced the forthcoming visit to Nelson of ‘The Senility Five’, which is band made up of well-known and highly-regarded senior New Zealand jazz musicians. They will be performing in Nelson in late September. More on that later.

From my point of view, with the excellent Latin Jazz workshop presented by Kevin Clark a few weeks ago, the recent success of the Youth Jazz Competition and the growing participation in gig nights at Bar Berlin, it seems that our club is in very good heart at present.

Best regards,

Mike Murphy
Nelson Jazz Club

Nelson Jazz Club Committee Meeting Report – April 16, 2012

Report from the Nelson Jazz Club committee meeting of 16 April

The committee addressed quite a long agenda at the meeting, including items concerning the following matters:

1.     The committee is enthusiastic about the new relationship with Bar Berlin, which launches this Wednesday evening, 18th April. Discussion centred round encouraging club members to support this excellent opportunity. We hope that you will help make it a success with regular attendance at the gigs and the jazz jam that is planned for every third Wednesday from mid-May.

2.     Stuart Hebberd of Prices Pharmacy has made a generous donation towards the prizes that we will be awarding at the Youth Jazz Band Competition to be held at The Honest Lawyer on 24th June. The committee has written to Stuart to express its appreciation of his kind gesture and please consider adding to that appreciation if you happen to be at Prices Pharmacy.

3.     The continuing relationship with The Vic Mac’s Brew Bar was discussed and this seems like an appropriate point to remind club members of the support The Vic has provided the club bands for many years and through several owners. Although gig numbers have been reduced for the winter period, you will receive the usual reminders of when they are and which band is playing. Again, we hope that you will help those gigs to be a success for all concerned by attending as often as you can.

4.     Amanda Ryan presented a comprehensive report on the club’s financial situation and is clearly on top of the tasks involved in being Treasurer with a proposal that we subscribe to a software service that will significantly reduce the time, effort and cost of preparing accounts and conducting a range of transactions. With that and the recent switch to Internet banking, we appear to be leaping into the 21stcentury!

On behalf of the committee, I wish you an enjoyable month until our next report and I look forward to seeing you at the Tuesday and Wednesday evening gigs.


Mike Murphy


Nelson Jazz Club

2012 Membership Subscriptions due

Membership subscriptions were due on 1 February.  If you have not renewed your membership, you will need to do so soon to remain on the list. You can pay subs at:


·         The Vic Mac’s Brew Bar

·         By posting them to P.O. Box 7188, Nelson 7042

·         or by paying directly into Westpac Nelson 030703-0400457-00.


A reminder that band members playing at the Vic on Tuesday nights are required to be club members.

2012 Nelson Jazz Club Committee

President: Mike McElhinney

Secretary: Mike Murphy

Treasurer: Amanda Ryan

Co-ordinator: George Jury

Committee Members:

Iain Clark, Deb Fish, Andrew Leachman, Mike Rhodes, Dave North

Liam Ryan is an ex-officio committee member in his role as Festival Director.


Nelson Jazz Club AGM Report – Monday 26 March 2012

Minutes of the 2012 Nelson Jazz Club Annual General Meeting held at the club practice room, 6:00pm Monday 26 March, 2012

Welcome: Mike McElhinney welcomed those present: Tony Bowater, Annabel Boyes, Iain Clark, Warren Fenemore, Deb Fish, Steve Hainstock, George Jury, Katrina Kallil, Barry Korcheski, Michael McElhinney, Michael Murphy, Dave North, Lila Osnabrugge, Michael Rhodes, Amanda Ryan, Liam Ryan, Rupert Winter.

Apologies: Received from Neville Claughton and Andrew Leachman.

Minutes of the 2011 AGM: Mike Murphy presented the minutes of the AGM held on 23 March, 2011.

Moved that the 2011 AGM minutes be approved: Mike McElhinney/Rupert Winter. Carried.

Matters arising:

1. Communication between committee and membership: Regular reports from each committee meeting to the members have improved the situation, keeping members up to date with developments.

2. Vic venue and lack of club support for gigs: Regular meeting have been held throughout 2011 with the management of The Vic. This is on-going, with another scheduled for the last week of last week of March.

3. Change to Rule 11(2) re emailing annual reports: Annual reports can now be emailed to members.

President’s report: Mike McElhinney spoke to his annual report, a copy of which was emailed to the full 2011 and current membership. Moved that the President’ report be accepted: Mike Murphy/Deb Fish. Carried.

Treasurer’s report: Amanda Ryan and Lila Osnabrugge of WHK presented the financial report for the year, the main pages of which were emailed to members prior to the AGM. The club is in good financial health.

Moved that the financial report be accepted: Amanda Ryan/Annabel Boyes. Carried.

Lila advised that the club no longer file income tax returns because there is little point and it will reduce accounting costs. The club does not earn income and has been carrying forward an increasing on-paper loss for many years which there is no income to off-set. Also, because of its registration with the Charities Commission, the club is exempt from with-holding tax. Westpac has taken a copy of the club’s registration and will cease deducting with-holding tax.

Moved that the club no longer file income tax returns: Mike Murphy/Deb Fish. Carried.

Festival Director’s report: Liam Ryan spoke his festival report, copies of which have been emailed to members. He also outlined is plans for taking the Festival forward for 2013.

Moved that Liam Ryan be the Festival Director for the 2013 Nelson Jazz & Blues Festival: Mike Murphy/Tony Bowater. Carried.

Election of committee: The 2013 committee includes: Iain Clark, Deb Fish, George Jury, Andrew Leachman, Mike McElhinney, Mike Murphy, Dave North, Mike Rhodes, Amanda Ryan. Liam Ryan is an ex-officio committee member in his role as Festival Director.

General business: No general business was raised.

Meeting closure: The meeting closed at 6:52pm.

Nelson Jazz Club Committee Meeting Report – February 20, 2012

Report from the Nelson Jazz Club committee meeting of 20 February, 2012.

We had a very full agenda this month with items such as:

All the details of the busy season we are in again with subscriptions being renewed, annual reports to be written, documents to be filed with the Companies Office and the Charities Commission, and the annual accounts to be produced and audited for the AGM on 26 March. We also need the audited reports for funding applications for the 2013 Nelson Jazz & Blues Festival.

Liam Ryan presented and spoke to his report regarding the 2012 Festival. Apart from the weather reducing numbers at Fairfield Park, I trust that you will agree that it was a hugely successful event, thanks to an enormous amount of work put in by Liam and Amanda, and the usual efforts by a group of club volunteers. Liam and Amanda are still finalising reports to sponsors and grant organisations and will shortly get back to the committee with thoughts about the 2013 event.

Amanda has agreed to take on the role of Treasurer, which readily fits in with the work she has been doing for the Festival. The committee thanks her for taking the job on and welcomes her and her efficient approach to the task.

Lila Osnabrugge of WHK, who are the club’s accountants, attended the meeting and discussed some of the compliance issues that we are now faced with. These introduced a major volume of new work for Amanda and Liam during the Festival and will have implications for the club’s ordinary activities. More on that once we have fully organising Internet banking on the main bank account (we used it for the Festival accounts during the latter part of the year and it greatly reduced the work of making payments, etc.).

George has prepared the latest Vic gig roster, which, as you will have noticed, features a few new bands.

Upcoming events

Kevin Clark’s proposed Latin Jazz workshop of 28 April. At this point, it looks like we will hold it in the Balling Theatre at the School of Music unless any of you can suggest a lower-cost venue so that we can keep registration fees down. About 12 people have expressed interest at this point. A few more would be good, especially drummers and bass players.

The Youth Jazz Competition, which is scheduled for 24 June at The Honest Lawyer, is looking good in terms of funds being raised for prizes and something towards the use of the venue. It was great fun and very worthwhile last year, so make sure it is in your diary.

Steve Hainstock has made an exciting proposal regarding a Jazz Jam event to be held at The Honest Lawyer on 22-24 March 2013, to coincide with his birthday. It essentially follows the format of many such events held in the lower South Island during previous years, with musicians coming into town for a weekend of jamming and performing. The committee is enthusiastic about the proposal and I am sure we will hear more about it during the year.

Best regards,

Mike Murphy


Nelson Jazz Club

546 7297

Nelson Jazz Club Committee Meeting Report – December 12, 2011

Hi all,

This report covers the last two Jazz Club committee meetings, at which the agenda items have been much the same – namely the Festival and the High School Bands Competition with a few other administrative items thrown in.

As we are sure you are well aware by now, Liam and Amanda have lined up a great Festival programme and everything is on track to begin with the Jazz in the Park event at Fairfield Park on 2 January. A last few details include organising volunteers for various tasks that you will receive more information about in the next day or two.

The committee has planned another High School Bands Competition for 24 June 2012 at The Honest Lawyer. This time there will be two categories: combos up to six members and big bands of seven or more. There will be prizes within each category. The 2011 was great fun so we look forward again to a great event next June.

As our financial year draws to a close at the end of January, we have decided to encourage club members to pay subscriptions electronically in future to reduce the amount of paper work and time involved. You will receive more information about this during January with a reminder that subs will be falling due.

So, that is all apart from wishing you a pleasant Festive Season and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year – starting at Fairfield Park, of course.

Best regards on behalf of the committee,

Mike Murphy


Nelson Jazz Club

546 7297


Nelson Jazz Club Committee Meeting Report – September 19, 2011

Hi Nelson Jazz Club member,

The committee met this evening, 19 September and the following matters may be of interest to you:

1.     Matters arising included the on-going plans for a more professionally-promoted High Schools Band Competition next year with details regarding funding applications and so forth discussed.

2.     A Festival report was presented regarding the meeting held by the Festival sub-committee on 5 September. The Festival plans are now well advanced with all the bands and venues determined and the main funding sources secured. The launch date is rapidly approaching!

3.     The website is slowly coming together and members will be able to submit content for an administrator to check and post. The site will operate in the manner of a blog in which the most recent content will replace previous material.

4.     The support band members have been arranged for the Improvisation Night which will take place at the usual club gig time on 11 October. The similar event held recently at the Honest Lawyer was a great success with several people taking the opportunity to perform with the support band in front of what has been reported as the largest audience so far at a Thursday evening jazz gig there. So, if you want to enjoy the limelight for a while at the Vic gig, let Dave North ( know, get your charts ready and get rehearsing.

Best regards,

Mike Murphy, Secretary, Nelson Jazz Club

(03) 546 7297