Kool Tones

Kool Tones

Inspired by such artists as guitarist, Kenny Burrell; vocalist, Al Green; and organist, Jimmy Smith, the Kool Tones Trio was formed and is now one of the upcoming bands based in Nelson, NZ. Incorporating smooth percussion, clear organ tones, smooth guitar licks, the right volume level and occasional vocals, Kool Tones strives for that perfect groove. The combination of guitar, hammond organ, drums and vocals sets the stage for a versatile mix of songs and rhythm styles suited to any audience.

Kool Tones is Barry Korcheski (Hammond organ), John Rowburrey (guitar) and John Irvine (drums).

Download the bio for additional information Kool Tones Bio Sheet 2015 (pdf).

For bookings call or email Barry :

Barry Korcheski          021 189 2560  bkorcheski@gmail.com

Rutherford Hotel Performance